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3 Reasons to Consider Medicare Advantage

If you’re approaching your 65th birthday, you’re probably aware that now is the time to start thinking about enrolling in Medicare. When you first become eligible for Medicare, you are given a 7-month period during which you are allowed to enroll. This includes the 3 months before the month in which you turn 65, the month you turn 65, and the three months after this month. So far example, if your birthday is in June, your eligibility period would run from March through September.

You may also be aware that you don’t necessarily have to go with Original Medicare, also known as Medicare Parts A and B. More and more people are choosing Medicare Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage. Why? See for yourself in our blog!


Learn why more and more seniors are choosing Medicare Advantage in our blog!

3 Reasons to Consider Medicare Advantage

Additional Coverage over Original Medicare

Original Medicare covers a lot of things, but there are a few important things most seniors need that it doesn’t cover. For example, you won’t get vision, hearing, or dental coverage with Original Medicare. But there’s a good chance you will get this coverage with Medicare Advantage. Most Medicare Part C plans offer coverage for vision, hearing, dental, and other things that Original Medicare doesn’t cover.

Prescription Drug Coverage Included

If you want prescription drug coverage with Original Medicare, you have to purchase Medicare Part D separately. But with Medicare Advantage, you get prescription drug coverage included, no need to purchase it separately. And not only that, but 92% of Part C plan members have better prescription drug coverage than they would have if they had purchased a Part D plan on their own.

A Cap on Out-of-Pocket Costs

With Medicare Advantage maximum amount you can spend in out-of-pocket healthcare expenses is $6,700. And many plans have a lower out-of-pocket spending limit than this. Original Medicare does not have a limit on out-of-pocket costs. This is a huge benefit for seniors who are concerned about out-of-pocket costs. Not only does it help plan members budget for medical costs, it removes the stress associated with the uncertainty of out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

Learn how to find a Medicare Advantage plan in your area today!

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