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Medicare Application Tips to Help Get You Started


medicare application

How can you apply for the right medicare coverage?

Applying for Medicare benefits can be a very daunting task, but if you’re over 65, then it is absolutely essential that you begin the process. Today we’re going to be going through some of the things that you can do to get the ball rolling for your Medicare benefits. Ready to get started?

Know your open enrollment period.

When you turn 65, you can apply for Medicare benefits. During the month of your 65th birthday, you can go ahead and apply for said benefits, but your open enrollment window extends to three months before and three months after this birthday. So, if you’re birthday is in July, then you could begin your application anywhere from April to November.

Medicare is made up of many different parts.

There are several parts to Medicare. Part A is hospital insurance and part B is medical insurance. Together, these two parts make up “Original Medicare.” Part C is your Medicare advantage plan. This is a healthcare plan offered from a private company like Blue Cross Blue Shield or AETNA. It functions much like traditional health insurances such as PPO’s and HMO’s. To learn more about this part of Medicare, read our in-depth blog. The final part of Medicare is part D and it covers prescriptions. There are also medigap supplemental parts that you can apply for.

Know your needs and do your research.

When you approach the Medicare application, you should figure out the healthcare essentials that you will require down the road. Do you need a lot of prescriptions or do you have a chronic condition that requires a lot of doctor’s visits? Take stock of your needs so that you can apply for the care that will actually help you. Once you know what you need, do some research on Medicare. How does it work? How long does the Medicare application take? This blog can certainly help you answer some questions, but if you need more detailed information about the Medicare application, then please contact us.

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