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Medicare Basics: Who Qualifies for Coverage?

While most Americans understand that Medicare eligibility doesn’t begin until a person turns 65, there are a range of other factors that must be satisfied in order to qualify. In addition, there are certain circumstances in which a person can become eligible for Medicare before the age of 65. Learn what you need to know about Medicare eligibility in today’s blog, below.

medicare basics

Do you qualify for Medicare?

Medicare Basics: Who Qualifies for Coverage?

Eligibility at age 65

While you may assume that anyone age 65 or older is automatically eligible for Medicare, this is not necessarily the case. In addition to the age requirement, applicants must also meet the following stipulations:



  • Be a U.S. citizen/permanent legal resident. Medicare is only available to U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents who have been in the country for 5+ years.
  • Worked at least 10 years. In order to be eligible, either you or your spouse must have worked for at least 10 years in order to have adequately paid into social security.




  • Government employee. If you do not satisfy the previous requirement, you will still be eligible if you or your spouse is a government retiree or employee who did not pay into Social Security, but did pay Medicare payroll taxes.

Eligibility before age 65

Certain Americans may be eligible for Medicare before the age of 65 if they meet the following requirements:


  • Permanently disabled. If you are permanently disabled and have received disability for the previous 2 years, you may be eligible for Medicare.
  • End-stage renal disease. If you require dialysis or have had a kidney transplant, this can qualify you for Medicare.
  • ALS. Also known as Lou Gehrgig’s disease, this condition can also qualify you for Medicare.

If you think you may qualify for Medicare and want to enroll, you can use this easy eligibility calculator to find out whether you can participate in the program.

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