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Medicare Will Be Expanding Coordinated Care for Millions of Seniors

Medicare is seeking to keep more seniors out of the hospital by expanding the reach of affordable care organizations that provide coordinated basic care services. It was announced in early January that 121 new accountable care organizations, made up of hospitals and doctors, will join forces to collaborate and treat patients who suffer from chronic medical problems. While a small number of accountable care organizations will be able to recruit patients, the vast majority will gain their patients from referrals. Learn more about this exciting development in today’s blog.


Coordinated care will now be available to more seniors.

Medicare Will Be Expanding Coordinated Care for Millions of Seniors

Coordinated care will minimize hospital visits and maximize cost benefits

The announcement of the expansion means that nearly 9 million seniors will be receiving care through accountable care organizations in 2016. ACOs were a key component of the Affordable Care Act as they are seen as the most effective ways to cut down on extraneous healthcare expenses. Costs are minimized by reducing the number of duplicate tests that seniors receive and by focusing on casework that encourages patients to follow through with aftercare appointments and take medications appropriately.

Expansion will reach 1 million new seniors

The addition of 121 new ACOS will allow coordinated care to be provided to 1 million more seniors on Medicare than were previously covered. This will mean that 8.9 million senior will be getting their healthcare from accountable care organizations, which accounts for nearly 25% of all seniors in this country.


Of the new ACOs, 21 of them will be allowed to recruit patients and will be offered greater flexibility in how they offer care to their subscribers. Because ACOs are incentivized to provide quality care, the expansion is expected to improve health outcomes for millions of seniors in America. It is expected that the reach of affordable care organizations will only increase in coming years.

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