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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Medicare 2016 Advantage Plan

Now that open enrollment is underway for Medicare 2016, it’s time to begin thinking about choosing a Medicare 2016 Advantage Plan that works for you. There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing an insurance plan which can make it seem like a daunting task, but Global Premier Benefits is here to help. In today’s blog, we offer some guidance on the questions you should ask in order to choose the best Medicare Advantage plan for you.


Asking the right questions can help ensure you choose the right Medicare 2016 Advantage Plan.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Medicare 2016 Advantage Plan

Does my doctor participate in this plan?

One of the major factors when deciding on an Advantage Plan is whether or not your doctor will accept the insurance. If you have a doctor that you would like to stay with, be sure to choose a plan that they participate in. If they don’t, ask yourself whether the benefits of the plan you are considering outweighs the fact that you will have to choose a new doctor.


What’s the coverage network?

Each Medicare Advantage plan offers their own network of healthcare facilities, providers, and doctors that they will cover. When researching plans, ensure that their network will cover you geographically and allow you to visit the providers and facilities that you prefer.


Are my drugs covered?

One of the greatest benefits offered by Medicare Advantage plans is the fact that they provide prescription drug coverage. However, not all plans cover all drugs so be sure to research whether the drugs you rely on will be covered by a specific plan you are considering.


What medical services are covered?

While Medicare Advantage plans are not legally allowed to charge their subscribers more than Original Medicare for certain services (such as cancer treatment and dialysis), the costs associated with other services can vary widely. Be sure to research Medicare Advantage plans thoroughly to ensure that the plan you choose adequately covers your needs.


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