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A Guide To Senior Living Options

senior living

What options do seniors have?

With a variety of senior living options available, it can be overwhelming when deciding what kind of living is best for you or your family member. First, it’s necessary to learn all the terminology and obviously the differences between all the various senior care types of facilities.

Independent Living Communities

Senior independent living communities typically cater to those individuals who are extremely independent and require very minimal care. These types of individuals have few medical problems and these living communities are basically just a residential community filled with apartments that come fully furnished and everyone living there is above a certain age.

Typically there are a variety of apartment sizes within these communities for people to choose from. Most of these communities offer some sort of dining experience, typically a fine dining restaurant is found inside. Residents will often be able to choose to either pay for a meal-plan at the start of their residence, that they can change whenever they choose. These communities feature a variety of social outings for the residents as well as a myriad of entertainment that residents are all invited to attend.

Assisted Living

These communities are a good fit for those who are no longer able to live by themselves. Assisted living communities feature assistance with medications, daily living activities, meals, and housekeeping. Typically there are three meals provided daily and residents can socialize in the main dining room. While residents do live in private apartments, their kitchen area is limited, so most residents rely on the staff to provide them with their meals. Staff is available twenty-four hours a day to assist in any needs the residents may have. Most assisted living communities have accredited nurses on staff, providing some comfort for the residents who may need a little more medical attention than others. Most communities will also provide a variety of activities for residents to participate in as well as transportation for those who want to leave the community and go shopping.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes provide around-the-clock care for residents. These communities are typically for the frail seniors who have difficulty in their everyday living. Nursing homes feature nurses and other medical staff at all times and will assistance with medical care and medications. These days, many nursing homes are providing short-term rehabilitative programs for those seniors who need short-term intensive care. These would be seniors who are recovering from an injury, an illness or surgery. While long-term care residents typically will have more medical needs and very complex medical conditions that limit their ability to do everyday tasks themselves. Residents in nursing homes typically will share a room with another resident, and are served meals in the central dining area.

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