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Seniors Can Benefit from Pet Ownership


Pets are a great way to stay active and happy into your golden years!

Pets are a great way to stay active and happy into your golden years!

As you move into your golden years, you should consider adopting an animal. The company of a small, furry friend has amazing benefits from people of all ages, but their influence has been particularly noted among senior citizens. Today we’re going to be talking about some of those benefits; both the physical and emotional ones.

Pet ownership provides a sense of wellness.

The company of a pet has been acknowledged to lower blood pressure and decrease stress. This can be very helpful for seniors, who may be concerned about their future. Not only that, but pets also provide a sense of living in the present. They may help to ground you in the moment, rather than let you get caught up in long term concerns.

Unconditional love is always beneficial.

Pets provide an endless supply of love and support to their owners and friends. They can also raise the spirits of everyone they meet with their boundless energy. There is also something to be said about the way they snuggle and beg to be pet. They want to spend time with people and they provide a soft, inviting presence for seniors. Any seniors who suffer from depression can actively benefit from having a pet. The exchange of love and support is often invaluable for people who find themselves feeling lonely.

Dogs help seniors stay active.

Dogs need to be walked and played with every day. A stroll around the block twice a day is an excellent and safe way for seniors to remain active long into their golden years. Playing fetch is also a great way to engage your mind and body while keeping your dog happy. Staying active is always important, but it becomes even more so as we age.

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