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3 Unexpected Health Challenges In Seniors Caused By Daylight Savings Time

senior sleep daylight savings time

Stay healthy as daylight savings time comes around!

After the long, dark days of winter, many people look forward to daylight savings time. When we spring forward our clocks and regain more sunlight for our days. However, there are some important health effects that can occur in seniors during this time of year.

Sleep In So You Can Regain Your Natural Circadian Rhythm

Each of our bodies has it’s own natural circadian rhythm. How much time we need to sleep in order to function optimally varies from person to person. As we get older it can become increasingly critical for us to continue to create healthy sleeping habits and allow ourselves as much rest as we need. When daylight savings time comes, our natural circadian rhythm becomes disrupted. As a result, we can suffer from some serious health effects like feeling groggy or uneasy. In fact, many seniors who don’t get the proper sleep fall victim to more trips and slips leading to injuries.

Take A Nap To Reduce Your Risk Of Stroke

According to a study conducted by the American Academy of Neurology, there is a rise in strokes in senior citizens within the first two days of daylight savings time. To decrease your risk, you may want to consider indulging yourself with a nap within the first two days of daylight savings time. In fact, a quick afternoon nap can do more than allowing your body to adjust to the change in time. An afternoon nap can also provide you with a mood boost and a decrease in your risk of falling and injuring yourself.

Maintain Your Normal Sleep Schedule And Avoid A Heart Attack

You want to make sure that you continue to stick to your normal sleep schedule during daylight savings time. In fact, heart attacks rise during the first couple of days of daylight savings time. By sticking to your normal sleeping routine you can train your body to get used to the time change. This adjustment is critical to avoid suffering a heart attack during daylight savings time and the few days just prior.

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