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Cancer Survival Rates Among Different Demographics


cancer survival

Cancer survival rates are affected by several key factors.

The probability of being diagnosed with cancer over the course of one’s lifetime is about 50%, making it very likely. At present, many forms of cancer have a viable treatment option. However, cancer treatment is very expensive. Today we’re going to be going over the different cancer survival rates for persons in varying demographics. Are you ready to learn more? Let’s take a look.

Cancer survival rates are much higher in the wealthier demographics.

No one wants to think about financial matters when dealing with a tragic diagnosis of cancer, but unfortunately, we must. Social class is defined by income, occupation, and education. Persons with lower forms of education and lower rates of income are much more likely to succumb to cancer than their wealthier counterparts due to a lack of medical attention or appropriate care. Many families simply cannot afford the burden of cancer and the financial chaos it brings with it. Cancer treatment averages about $60k a year and sadly, this isn’t the most expensive projection for cancer treatment. Brain, esophagus, and pancreatic cancers all have much higher treatment expenses that are much closer to the 100k range. On average, the United States has the highest projected cost for cancer management at €62, 321 million according to the Annals of Oncology.  This is about €5,657 million more than the second highest contender, the entirety of Europe. This astronomical difference is very telling as to the high costs of a cancer diagnosis and the treatment that comes with it for every American. Considering that the probability of both a diagnosis and a fatality associated with cancer increases with age, we can assume that much of that costs is falling on seniors and their care givers. The prohibitive cost of cancer treatment in America is often times more deadly than the disease itself.

How can Medicare help aid in cancer survival rates?

By aiding in alleviating the financial burden that comes with cancer, Medicare can do a great deal to help raise cancer survival rates. In fact, Medicare can offer seniors a plan that results in a 20% cost share, even when it is handled by Medicare Advantage. Any help from programs like Medicare will certainly help bolster a senior’s chances of surviving their battle with cancer and enhancing their quality of life in the long run. Make sure that you apply for your Medicare coverage using the tips found in this blog. If you have any questions or simply need help getting the ball rolling, feel free to contact us today! It should also be noted that seniors can also sign up for benefits outside of Medicare to cover more of the cost of cancer treatment. Make sure you know your options; cancer treatment is possible for you.

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