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What All Seniors Need To Know About Heart Disease And Stroke

heart disease, stroke

The importance of understanding heart disease and stroke!

The older we get, the more aware we become of our health as well as our mortality. We all know that we can’t live forever. However, delaying the inevitable for as long as possible is probably what most of us would want to accomplish. If you want to live as long as you possibly can there are two very major diseases that you have to be aware of: heart disease and stroke. As the number one cause of death in these United States, heart disease takes many lives annually. Stroke is the third deadliest disease in the United States.

Heart Disease

A very bad condition, heart disease can describe a myriad of poor heart conditions that weaken the muscle, leading to death or severe illness. As an essential organ in your entire body, your heart is ciritcal to human functioning. Any time your heart is working poorly or just not right, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

The most common heart disease is coronary artery disease (CAD). CAD can cause people to suffer from a heart attack. Typically, CAD occurs when your arteries become extremely narrow and hard, making it a lot more difficult for blood to get through to reach your heart. CAD can be caused by a poor diet and lack of exercise or other unhealthy lifestyle habits. Smoking, a poor diet, and a general lack of exercise can easily contribute to your likelihood of developing poor heart health, leading to a heart attack.


Although heart disease is the more common disease that senior citizens suffer from, strokes are also prevalent and occur just as often as heart attacks in senior living communities. A stroke occurs when the blood is unable to make its way to the brain. Oftentimes, strokes are deadly and can rarely  be survived by people who have suffered one. In many cases, it’s knowing the symptoms that can save your life.

Stroke Symptoms

Knowing what to look out for can save your life if you happen to have any of the common symptoms that occur in people who are suffering a stroke.

  • Unusual numbness in your face, arm, or leg.
  • Speaking and understanding speech becomes strenuous.
  • A hard time seeing, either out of one eye or both.
  • Walking becomes laborious due to dizziness.
  • An unexpected severe headache.

These symptoms typically happen rapidly and require immediate medical attention. If you feel like you are suffering from any of these symptoms please call 911 immediately.

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