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What Is Sundowning And How Does It Affect Seniors With Dementia?

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Combat the effects of sundowning by engaging in a variety of activities!

There is a common concept that creates difficulty for people with dementia to enjoy evening activities. This concept is called sundowning and it has a severe effect on seniors that have dementia.

What Is Sundowning?

It has been found that about one in five senior citizens who have memory loss suffer from sundowning. It is marked by an increase in confusion and anxiety that occurs typically later in the day- when the sun begins to go down. In fact, sundowning not only affects seniors when they are awake, but it can immensely distort their sleeping habits, causing even more severe health complications. According to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, sundowning typically affects seniors with dementia in the mid to late stages of the disease.

How To Reduce The Negative Side-Effects Of Sundowning

Although it is impossible to eliminate the side-effects of a disease such as dementia, understanding how to cope with certain aspects of it can allow for you to live a happier life. In fact, understanding the sundowning is something that you suffer from can be the first step in tackling the problem. Once you start to acknowledge that sundowning is a problem for you, you can immediately begin to take proactive steps to minimize the side-effects and live a much happier life. The best thing you can do is reach out to a family member or caregiver who can assist you in the evenings when sundowning is at it’s most prevalent.

Make Sure To Stay Consistent

One of the best ways to help senior citizens with dementia is to be consistent. In fact, a consistent schedule is helpful for anyone that suffers from severe memory loss. Furthermore, creating a sleep schedule and following it consistently will ensure that sundowning does not disrupt your sleep. Because as we all know, when our sleep is disrupted we can develop other serious health issues. Therefore, the best solution to sundowning is creating a consistent schedule and routine that can be easily implemented into your daily life.

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