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Global Premier Benefits can help you understand Medicare and how it can benefit you.

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We’ve established a special program with netQuote to allow agents to purchase leads to help you grow your business! Benefits of our Program:

  • Real-time Live leads: Receive and email and a text message as soon as the prospect inquires.
  • Low-prices!:
    • Medicare leads under $10 each!!
    • Preferred Life leads under $20 each!!
      • The following conditions will be filtered out: AIDs & HIV, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Heart, Kidney, Liver & Pulmonary Diseases, Stroke, Mental Illness, Pregnancy, BMI > 38%, 80 years of age & older
  • GPB exclusive: While the leads are not exclusive to agents outside of our organization, you do not have to work about competing with other agents that have purchased through our program.

To purchase leads simply follow these steps:

  1. Call Wade Estes at (512) 993-2948
  2. Let him know that you are a Global Premier Benefits agent and need to be setup with an account with John Gourdin
  3. Give him our ID #:81960
  4. Make sure you ask for the weekend lead discount.