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Lead Distribution Rules of Engagement

Lead Types


Global Premier Benefits provides multiple lead types to our contracted agents; some at no cost and others at discounted rates.  However, there are a few rules governing the distribution and possession of leads.


Global Premier Benefits leads fall into three classes:


New Leads / Premium Leads


Premium Leads are any NEW real-time direct market leads regarding Medicare, Veterans, Diabetics, Extra Help / LIS, Turning 65 from sources like  Double Opt-in & Facebook, & Direct Mail.


Medicare BRC Leads


From time to time, specific Medicare Carriers, namely Cigna, will provide BRC leads to our top producers.


Pre-qualified Follow-up Leads


Pre-qualified follow-up leads are any of our lead sources that have been in inventory for more than 30 days and have not been finalized than 30 days. Follow-up leads are a great way to supplement an agent’s existing lead pipeline and can be requested at any time. The Lead Department will review the agent’s current inventory of leads as well as the company’s inventory and accommodate accordingly.

Lead Distribution


Co-op Dollars Program


Global Premier Benefits contracted agents may earn Co-op Marketing Dollars to purchase new leads. Further details are below.


Distribution methods:


Leads will be distributed to your ZOHO CRM. This tool enables us to remain compliant for any future CMS audits for all Agent Lead Distribution accounts.

ZOHO is an online platform available to any GPB contracted agent with a monthly investment of $45.

Please note, this is the only method through which we distribute leads. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.  You will find all new leads in your “My Brand New Leads” view in ZOHO.

Lead Possession


At the end of the day, Global Premier Benefits owns any lead sourced by the company.  From time to time and as we grow our organization, we have the right to amend, change or suspend the rules of engagement to accommodate and further our growth. We will notify all agents if any changes to the rules of engagement are to be implemented as soon as possible.  At this time the lead possession rules are as follows:


  • Any new (Pending/Unassigned) lead showing no lead activity for 10 or more days is subject to reassignment.
  • Thereafter, any GPB-sourced lead with no lead activity of 10 days or greater or an open task for future contact will be subject to reassignment.
  • A Lead status of “Awaiting AEP” will not be subject to reassignment. However, we will be spot-checking ZOHO for an unusual amount of “Awaiting AEP” statuses. Trying to build a pipeline for future AEP season is great, but hoarding leads is not. Any “Awaiting AEP” leads showing no activity within 30 days of AEP inception will be subject to reassignment.

Morale Hazards


Our offer of free leads to our agents is predicated upon the assumption that Global Premier Benefits will generate revenue through overrides on the production by our downline agents and agency directors.   The structure of our lead program is based upon the presumption that agents will make an honest effort to service our clients and provide only products offered through contracts with Global Premier Benefits.


If it is found that agents are engaging in the fallacious documentation of leads to gain access to unearned leads and/or selling other products not offered through Global Premier Benefits, or Global Premier Benefits leads, we will be required to take corrective action. These actions can range from the suspension of lead distribution, the termination of the agent’s contracts with GPB, and legal actions.


Please act accordingly and in good faith so that we can collectively enjoy the benefits of all the amazing perks offered by Global Premier Benefits.

2023 Agent Medicare Co-op Program