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3 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips For Seniors

spring cleaning seniors

Spring cleaning is important for everyone especially seniors.

We are in the middle of March which means the official start of spring is almost here.  It is common for people to do some well-needed “spring cleaning” during this time which is when they get their homes in order and organized.  For some seniors, it might be difficult to clean up their homes due to health issues or other factors.  Luckily, there a few spring cleaning tips that are simple for any senior to complete.

Organize Documents

One of the most important tasks you should complete is tracking down and organizing important documents.  You need to have all your important papers in order, such as medical and legal documents so that they can be ready in any situation.  If you must go to the hospital for any reason, you need to have your insurance information and other vital documents readily available.  It is wise to invest in a filing system for all your important papers so that you can store and find them easily.

Clean Up Clutter

A goal for every senior should be to get rid of all the clutter in their home while they are spring cleaning.  Clutter can cause unwanted stress, so it is essential to get rid of it as quickly as possible. It is best to get some assistance from a loved one or close friend and sort through all the clutter.  By the end of cleaning, you should have a pile of items you are getting rid of and that are unnecessary in your home.

Evaluate Living Conditions

While you are cleaning your home, it is a great time to look around and see if you are living in a safe place.  You should eliminate all items that could lead you to fall such as extension cord and loose rugs. It is best to keep your home well lit, especially at night so that you can see well while you are getting ready for bed.

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