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3 Eating Habits That Will Extend Your Life

Ways to live your longest and fullest life

Ways to live your longest and fullest life

As we get older, it seems harder and harder to put down that ice cream cone and pick up that bowl of salad.  But that bowl of leafy greens could add years to your lifespan.  The foods you eat and how often you consume them can treat a variety of health problems from high cholesterol to dementia.  By starting a healthy diet now, you can years on your life right away.

The Power of Veggies

You have probably heard since you were a child to eat your vegetables, but they produce amazing results for your body specifically your heart.  The fiber in vegetables, specifically leafy greens, reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease.  According to  “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”, a person should intake 25 to 35 grams of fiber daily.  Vegetables have a high source of Vitamin C, which helps fight your body from infection.

Up Your Dose of Fish

Like vegetables, a diet consisting of fish can reduce the risk of heart disease.  Fish like salmon and other trout are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which help control your blood pressure and cholesterol.  The omega-3 fatty acid is essential for growth and development, so it crucial for pregnant mothers to include fish in their diet.  Although, make sure to eat fish like salmon and sardines because others have been reported to have traces of mercury.  Starting out with two servings of fish of week is a good start to obtaining a longer life.  

Stay Hydrated

So, this not be technically “eating” related, but drinking water is essential for extending your lifespan.  Drinking water regularly has many side effects from clearing your skin to helping break down foods.  It also regulates body temperature and stores heat for later.  Although drinking water is key to survival, many people do not drink enough.  According to the Institute of Medicine, the recommended amount of water daily for men is 12 cups and for women, it is 9 cups.


Global Premier Benefits Can Help You Learn How To Have Healthier Lifestyle As You Age

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