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3 Sleep Tips For Seniors

sleep tips for seniors

Follow these simple tips to improve your sleep at night.

It is vital that everyone sleeps well throughout the night especially seniors.  As we age, the body produces less and less of the sleep hormone melatonin which results in fragmented sleep.  It is important that seniors get as much sleep as possible so that they can prevent depression and other health problems.  Luckily, there are a few simple ways that you can improve your sleep pattern if you are a senior.

Limit Caffeine and Alcohol

When you want to go to sleep at night, it is crucial that you are calm and sober as possible.  So, make sure that you limit your caffeine and alcohol intake throughout the day.  You should avoid coffee and any sugary drinks after mid-afternoon.  Even though you might think drinking alcohol helps you go to sleep, it disrupts your sleep pattern.  

Aerobic Exercise

One of the best ways to improve your sleep at night is to work out a few hours before you are ready to go to bed.  Aerobic exercise is effective regarding improving your sleeping patterns because it releases chemicals in your body that promote restful sleep.  Running, walking, dancing, and swimming are all great forms of exercise to help you sleep better at night.  You just must find the right exercise routine for you.

Reduce Stress

Stress and anxiety are two major factors that are proven to disrupt sleep in people especially seniors.  So, it is crucial that you try to relax and unwind before you go to bed.  There are a variety of tasks that help with relaxation such as reading, listening to soothing music, and writing in a journal.  You should investigate guided meditation to assist you in falling asleep at night.

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