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3 Smartphone Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Download these apps to make your life easier as you age.

Download these apps to make your life easier as you age.

Every day more and more seniors are investing in smartphones especially with the recent announcement of the new iPhone.  According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, around 50 percent of adults 65 and over in the U.S. have a smartphone, and that statistic is predicted to grow every year.  If you have a smartphone, you should take advantage of the crowded marketplace of apps and use some to help you complete daily tasks from reading to exercise.  There are a few apps you should download right now that will make your life easier.   

Medisafe Meds & Pill Reminder

As we age, our medication intake seems to increase whether you take daily vitamins or pills to improve your heart.  Regardless of how many medications you take, Medisafe helps you manage your pill usage and reminds you to take them.  You will never forget to take a pill or supplement ever again with this FREE app, and you can even create status reports to see how well you have been managing your medications.  When life gets hectic, and it’s difficult to remember everything, you will never forget to take your medication with Medisafe.

Mint Bills and Money

Are you getting tired of writing checks and having to go to the post office to pay your bills?  Even if you pay your bills online, you waste so much time going from site to site to pay all your bills.  With the Mint Bills and Money app, you can pay practically all of your bills in one place and set reminders for upcoming payments.  You will never miss a bill again, and you can even manage all of your bank accounts through the app.  Always know what you are spending, so you will never have to stress about your finances ever again.

Lumosity Brain Trainer

As we get older, we fear that we are going to become more forgetful and our memory is going to get worse and worse.  Have fun and improve your mental sharpness at the same time with the FREE Lumosity app.  Lumosity is created by neuroscientists to improve your memory and attention with entertaining brain games.  Stay sharp and mentally fit while playing fun games that the whole family will enjoy.

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