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3 Tips To Stay Mentally Fit As You Age

Follow these tips to stay mentally fit as you age

Follow these tips to stay mentally fit as you age.

Getting older can come with its challenges, but severe memory loss does not have to be one of them.  Practicing healthy lifestyle choices can effectively prevent dementia and other mental disorders.  A slight lapse in memory is common for everyone especially the elderly, but significant memory loss is not a common occurrence for seniors.  There are several steps you can take every day to stay mentally sharp as you age.  

Constant Brain Stimulation

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, people who receive a minimal amount of education are at a higher risk for dementia.  Constant mental stimulation through social interaction and “brain games” is important for your brain health.  Playing challenging games like a crossword puzzle or sudoku is the equivalent of an aerobic workout for your mind.  Seniors are at a health risk if they are isolated from society, so social interaction is crucial for older adults.  Going and out and taking up a new hobby with other around your age is great to preserve your mental health.  

Exercise Regularly

Exercising several days out of the week, even if it is walking around your local park, reduces your risks for conditions that are associated with the development of dementia.  Taking exercise classes at your local community center is great to stay healthy as you age and allows for social engagement. Look into yoga or water aerobics classes that are offered in your community.  

Maintain A Healthy Diet

To decrease your chances of losing your cognitive abilities as you age, you should incorporate vegetables and fatty fish into your regular diet.  Having a healthy diet in general and drinking plenty of water, will extend your life.  If you drink or smoke cigarettes excessively, you should think about decreasing your consumption because you are at a higher risk for dementia.  Drinking alcohol is okay for your health in moderation.  

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