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3 Ways to Minimize Health Risks for Seniors this Winter


Staying safe this winter is critical for everyone, especially seniors.

Senior citizens are more at risk for developing the flu or catching a cold. As the temperatures continue to be cold, it is important that senior citizens take proactive steps towards ensuring that they don’t develop any severe illnesses during the winter.

Flu Shots

According to CenseoHealth, about 80% of all flu-type deaths occur in those who are over 65 years of age. This means that most senior citizens have a real risk when they develop the flu. It could be life-threatening for them since it is harder for seniors to recover from an illness than it is for younger people. These days the number one preventative measure out there is the influenza vaccine.

Safety is Crucial

The leading cause of injuries towards senior citizens is falling. Whether it’s down a flight of stairs or slipping on the water in the bathroom, there are many safety precautions that seniors should watch out for all year long, but especially in the winter months. With the weather becoming snowy or icy, falls are even more common. As such, it’s imperative that seniors know the importance of staying safe when snow or ice is predicted. In addition, it’s critical that extension cords are hidden out of sight and not in the pathway for seniors to walk around their homes. These cords and debris can be extremely harmful to anyone, especially seniors who may be losing their eyesight or have difficulty with their balance as it is. With the addition of objects that may interfere with their ability to walk, a fall could be hazardous and extremely hard on seniors.

Being Social is Key

One of the most important keys to reducing health risks in senior citizens is to become a social butterfly. Seniors thrive when they are in the company of other people. Whether it’s their loved ones or peers in their community, senior citizens enjoy spending time with people. Participating in society allows them to feel valued and appreciated even as they age. This morale booster encourages them to take care of themselves throughout the year. By mentally engaging themselves in a variety of activities, senior citizens can avoid seeing a cognitive decline which results in happier and much healthier seniors.

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