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3 Ways To Stay Healthy During the Winter

senior winter tips

Stay healthy during the winter season.

The frigid temperatures of winter can negatively affect one’s health especially the physical well being of seniors.  The average winter cold can be more harmful to older adults compared to millennials.  The last thing you want is a seemingly harmless cough or fever leave you in bed for several weeks to months.  Luckily, there a few simple ways for seniors to stay healthy during the winter and throughout the rest of the year.  

Keep Warm

One of the simplest and most effective ways to stay healthy during the winter is to stay warm specifically by wearing layers of clothing.  When it is cold outside, make sure to bundle up in warm, loose-fitting clothing to prevent hypothermia, which affects many senior citizens.  According to the Center for Disease Control, 50 percent of hypothermia-related deaths are seniors.  When you are outside, it is critical that you expose none to very little of your skin to the cold winter air.  In addition to dressing warmly, you should consume hot food and warm drink to prevent your body temperature from dropping.  

Stay Clean

It is essential to stay clean meaning, washing your hands several times a day especially in the winter.  Practicing cleanliness is an effective way to prevent catching a cold or getting sick during the winter.  Make sure to wash your hands before and after meals and every time you use the restroom.  One of the best products to keep on hand is an alcohol-based sanitizer which you can purchase at most drug stores.  

Be Careful When Being Active

It is great to stay active and exercise during the winter, but remember that the cold weather can put a strain on your cardiovascular health.  So, if you decide to go outdoors to exercise, make sure to go through some warm-up exercises.  Always remember to stretch before and after your workout because your muscles tend to tense up in cold weather.  

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