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Grocery Shopping Tips For Seniors

Follow these tips to help your grocery shop as you age.

Follow these tips to help your grocery shop as you age.

Grocery shopping can be stressful at any age especially if you are on a budget or struggling for healthier options.  When you get older, medical issues might cause you to have dietary restrictions that affect how you should shop for food.  On top of that, you might be on a fixed income because of retirement or other financial reasons.  Regardless of any lingering circumstances, grocery shopping should be a quick and stress-free process.  There are several ways to ensure you are health and financially conscious when you make your next trip to the grocery store.

Look For the Discounts

Everyone likes to save money especially when they are going to make a meal for themselves or their family.  As you start getting into your 60’s, your local grocery store will likely have senior discounts on specific items or your whole order.  Make sure to ask your cashier for a store loyalty card for discounts and coupons with your receipt.  Always look in the mail or publications for coupons to your local grocery store.  

Quantity Matters

For most products, it’s more economical to buy in bulk especially if you are buying nonperishable items like canned foods.  But if you are purchasing products like meat or milk, make sure you can use the amount before they go bad.  If you have a history of letting food go bad and mold, then only buy what you need for a couple of meals.  Nothing is worse than wasting a week’s worth of food.  

Read Nutrition Label

It is always important to look at the labels on products especially if you have any dietary restrictions.  As we age, it is critical that we reduce our sugar and sodium intake for better cardiovascular health.  An excess amount of sodium can be in products you never expected so make sure to read all nutrition labels.

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