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How Can Seniors Contend with Natural Disasters?


natural disasters

How can seniors contend with natural disasters?

Natural disasters can be devastating for people from all walks of life, but they are particularly threatening to seniors. Establishing a plan for preparation, communication, and evacuation is essential to maintain your safety as the years go on. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can get ready for natural disasters.

Seniors are at a high risk of fatality during natural disasters.

According to statistics gathered by Cornell university, over half of the people who died during Hurricane Katrina back in 2008 were over the age of 65. This harrowing statistic, and statistics like it, have been attributed to the lack of access to transportation, a sensitivity to environmental pollutants, and many other factors, social isolation being the biggest. Without a system of aid, seniors have a very low chance of making it out of natural disasters without major loss, potentially that of their life.

What can seniors do to contend with natural disasters?

The most important thing that you can do to get an edge on protecting yourself during natural disasters is to avoid being socially isolated. If you hear about a hurricane coming your way, you should reach out to friends, family, and other resources in the area. There are often community response plans that you can engage in either through a church or some other kind of public space. You should also determine how authorities are going to contact the public during a disaster, be it through the radio or a phone application of some kind. Social isolation is the biggest threat to the safety of seniors, by working against that, you can help your chances of survival substantially. Another good thing to do is to create an emergency kit. Things like Band-Aids, gauze, water, rations, flashlights, extra batteries, extra clothing, and other essentials that you could live on for a few days should all be included in your kit.

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