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How Can You Spot a Scam Targeted at Seniors?


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There are a lot of scams that target senior citizens. Find out how you can catch them.

Scam artists often prey upon the vulnerable. Seniors fall into the category. After all, the world has changed so much from the time they were young. Who is to say that the IRS wouldn’t take payment in the form of iTunes gift cards? What may seem like common sense to those of us who are more experienced in the modern world isn’t always to those who are not. Today we’re going to be taking a look at how seniors can spot scams that target them.

Ask questions and demand answers.

Is someone claiming to be with a major government agency gives you a call, they will be able to clearly answer your questions. A scammer, on the other hand may not be. If you suspect the person on the other side of your phone is illegitimate, then ask them about their offers or threats. If they respond with anger, sarcasm, or confusion then you have every right to be suspicious.

A scam moves quickly without much time to think.

If someone calls you claiming to want to give you a really great offer, you should already be suspicious. When you hear that you have to make a decision right away, the red flags need to go up. Scam artists almost always insist on quick deals based on emotion rather than on logical thinking. They want you to take them up on their big offer now! Furthermore, if they ask you for a lot of personal information very quickly then you should proceed with caution. Things like credit card numbers, your social security number, and other sensitive information should only be given out with ample verification that the person on the other end is really who they say they are.

Be wary of IRS impersonators.

Recently, there have been an influx in scam artists claiming to be with the IRS. They call you on the phone and claim that you owe them thousands of dollars. If you don’t pay quickly, they threaten to get local police involved. The IRS has put out notice about these types of incidents, expressly stating that they would never behave in this way. Check out this link to learn more detailed information about these kinds of scams and remember to stay vigilant!

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