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How Seniors Can Benefit From Owning A Pet

Learn about the never ending benefits of owning a pet as a senior.

Learn about the never ending benefits of owning a pet as a senior.

People at any age seek companionship and a healthy relationship, especially in those that have four legs and love to lick us.  Pets are particularly beneficial to seniors because they offer unconditional love and can lessen loneliness.  Seniors tend to benefit from owning a pet the most out of any age range, and it all starts with considering your local shelter.  There are several advantages of seniors owning a pet that will last for the years to come.  

Improves Your Overall Health

Owning a pet regardless of the type can have incredible benefits on your physical and mental health.  One of the biggest health benefits of pet ownership is that it reduces stress and decreases the chances of depression.  When seniors start to be comfortable with their pet, a chemical chain reaction occurs producing serotonin, which is found to reduce sadness and regulate anxiety.  Owning a pet also has positive effects on the body from lowering blood pressure to even improving your cholesterol levels.  Having a dog lets you stay active and improve your cardiovascular health as you age.  Simply walking your dog around your neighborhood or playing fetch can be great for your body and mind.

Unconditional Love

Pets are a great way to receive endless love and affection especially when you are feeling down one day.  Their energy and spirit is contagious and they are great to just to lie down with at night.  Owning a dog or cat is one of the best ways to reduce loneliness and gives seniors someone to care for.  Pets can also provide some comfort during a difficult situation.  Pets just want to be loved like anyone else, so they are the perfect companion for seniors.

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