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How To Prevent Seasonal Depression In Seniors

Learn how to prevent and combat seasonal depression.

Learn how to prevent and combat seasonal depression.

Unfortunately, many seniors tend to suffer from various forms of depression including Seasonal Affective Disorder once the cold winter weather arrives.  Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), commonly known as seasonal depression, is a temporary depressive disorder caused by limited exposure to sunlight, and it affects up to 20 percent of Americans.  If you are an older an adult living with SAD, you most likely experience several symptoms ranging from anxiety to sadness to changes in sleep and appetite.  Luckily, there are few ways to combat and prevent seasonal depression in seniors.  

Bring In The Light

One of the easiest ways to prevent SAD is to increase your exposure to sunlight or a light source that mimics the effects of natural light.  Whenever it is sunny outside during the winter, you should make an effort to go outside for walk or stroll.  Sunlight gives your body Vitamin D that it craves naturally and helps to offset the effects of SAD.  You should try to get as much natural light exposure as possible throughout the say even if it is opening the blinds in the morning.  

Eat More Produce

An effective way to combat seasonal depression is to increase your intake of fresh produce throughout the winter.  Eating vegetables and fruits daily can decrease anxiety and improve your overall mood.  One of the best fruits to eat is pomegranates because they have been shown to lower signs of anxiety and depression as well as lowering blood pressure.


Depending on your physical ability, you should try to stay active during the winter to prevent developing SAD.  Exercise has been shown to alleviate the effects of depression and has a wide range of other benefits for the body.  Try taking a walk a couple of times a week or getting involved in an exercise class at your community center.  Staying active is your best chance at fighting seasonal depression this winter.  

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