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Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

How to stay safe this summer

How to stay safe this summer

August is right around the corner which can be the hottest month of the year with temperatures surpassing 100 degrees.  Everyone needs to be cautious when entering the summer heat especially seniors.  As we age, we become more susceptible heat stroke and heat exhaustion.  So, it is important that older adults take the proper precautions to stay safe during the sweltering summer months.  

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is crucial for everyone, especially seniors, to stay healthy during hot months of the year.  Seniors are more prone to dehydration than the rest of the population because they lose their ability to store water as they age.  They also have trouble adjusting to temperature change and are less aware of their thirst level.  So, it is crucial to drink water throughout the day.  Be sure to avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee, soda, and even tea because they can leave you dehydrated quickly.  

Keep it Cool

Make sure to have your air conditioning unit running during the summer months to fight against the summer heat.  Turning your unit on at night also helps you get a better night’s sleep that you deserve.  If your home does not have an A/C unit, then seek cool air in public spaces like an indoor mall or movie theater.  Visiting indoor public spaces also promotes exercise for seniors and offers a great activity for the day.  Also, avoid using the oven during extremely hot days and choose cool foods like salads or smoothies.

Communication is Key

If you are spending an extended period of time outdoors, inform a friend or family member.  This is important so they can check up on you and make sure you adapt to the heat well.  Get to know your neighbors so they visit you occasionally.  Also, have a list of emergency contacts that is easily accessible just in case a medical issue arises.  


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