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Travel Tips For Seniors

Tips for traveling during retirement.

Tips for traveling during retirement.

One of the luxuries of retirement is having the time, and hopefully the finances, to take vacations and travel to places you might not have been to before.  Traveling as we age is an exciting time to live new experiences or revisit some of your favorite places from your youth.  Whether you want to fly outside of the country or just take a road trip to see the grandkids, there are several precautions we have to go through while traveling.  

Planning is Crucial

When booking a vacation, extensive planning is key at any age, but there are more factors involved for older adults.  The best times to travel for seniors are late spring between April and June, and early fall between September and October.  Booking your trip during these times ensures that you will beat the summer heat and not have to deal with excessive tourists and crowds.  When traveling by airplane, try to choose a nonstop flight to cut down on travel time.  For seniors with disabilities, request special seating on your transportation service whether it is a train or plane.  Many airlines have the option to request for assistance during travel.  


Most mature adults take a form of medicine whether it be once or even several times a day.  So, it is important when traveling to take full a prescription with you and have them in the original container.  Always store your pills in your carry-on bag, so you always have them in arms reach.  If you have to take your medication on your way to your destination, set a reminder on your phone or watch so will not forget to take them.  

Don’t Over Do It

Traveling is exciting for anyone at any age especially if going outside the country.  It is important to take your time while traveling to avoid injury and exhaustion.  Going on a bus or walking tour is a relaxing way and organized way to see a specific place or a whole town.  Be sure to plan one activity per day and to have a couple of days of pure rest during your vacation.


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