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Toll Free: 877-864-9317

Things you should know

1-There must be at LEAST 1 Virtual Call Center Certified agent in your direct upline. (All upline agents must hold licensure in any state in which you conduct business)

2-You must meet GPB VCC Certification guidelines. (Currently the GPB VCC Boot Camp certificate)

3-You must use only approved telephonic equipment for MAPD sales activity (Currently a VCC subscription at $225/month)

4-You must meet carrier-specific certification requirements

5-Remember: You MUST disclose that the calls are being recorded on EVERY call.

6-Telephonic Enrollments into a Medicare Advantage plan must occur on an INBOUND call.

7-The main sales toll-free number is 1-866-229-8447. Make sure you give your clients your extension.

8-If you need an agent’s extension, including yours, use the telesales phone directory in ZOHO. Click here

9-To see your new leads in ZOHO, use the “My Brand New Leads” view in ZOHO. Click here

10-As a brand new agent, you will start with follow-up leads. To find your leads in ZOHO, please follow the instructions in this tutorial video: Click here

11-All leads in your account that have not been dispositioned in such a way to indicate that the customer is no longer interested or eligible can be found in your “My Live Leads” view. Click here

12-You must address the educational element of every lead piece before you move on to pitching a product. (Medicare Changes, LIS, Aid and Attendance, etc)

13-Carrier-specific MAPD conversations must occur on an inbound call.

14-If you opt to leave the VCC, you must notify GPB by emailing prior to the 1st of the month you want the change to be effective. Otherwise you are responsible for all subsequent monthly subscription fees until such notification has been provided. It is not enough to simply stop using the services.