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GPB Softphone Tips


Softphone Basics Tip #1: Cloudcall Overview:

Softphone Basics Tip #2: Installing Cloudcall Chrome Extension:

Softphone Basics Tip #3: Installing Cloudcall Communicator: Click here

Softphone Basics Tip #4 How to get to the Cloudcall Academy/Full Training Suite for Cloudcall:

Softphone Basics Tip #5: (What happened to my purple cloud icon next to the phone numbers? (Added 12/4/2015)

Softphone Basics Tip #6: (How to find other call center agents and check their status)


ZOHO Tutorials:

What is ZOHO Cliq:

Quoting Link: (How to access the Quoting engine through ZOHO)

How to access Leads to get started (We call them Alice Leads) :

Lead Management Best Practices sheet:


Enrollment Script (English): Eagent Enrollment Script (This document contains the actual verbiage from the Telephonic Enrollment application in English)

Enrollment Script (Spanish): Eagent Enrollment Script Spanish (This document contains the actual verbiage from the Telephonic Enrollment application in Spanish)

What to do if the Telephonic Script is down: Click here for instructions

Fax cover sheet: (All states except AZ)  (Arizona)

Provider Lookup Tool: Provider Lookup Guide Download

Healthspring Agent Assistance Line guide (HAAL): HAAL Guide Download

E-Agent Website guide: E Agent Website Guide Download

Presentation Sales Introduction “FLIP BOOK”: Flip Book-Presentation Requirements (These are the required topics prior to entering the enrollment process)

Translation Services: Translation Service Instructions Document (Instructions on how to get free translations help on calls)

Sales Presentation Checklist: Click here to download (Concise list of must covers and do’s & don’ts)

CHS Eagent Telephone Sales Process: Click here to download (Page by page walk-through of telephonic enrollment process)

AZ Telephonic enrollment process: AZ Sales Tutorial

AZ Fillable application: Click here for 2017      Click here for 2018

CHS Fitness Overview 2018: Click here

CHS OTC Overview 2018: Click here

CHS Transportation Overview 2018:  Click here

CHS Partial Duals on Totalcare Grid: Click here

Logo for AD bigger

Compliance Sales Checklist: Download Form

Compliant Call Training: Click here to listen

Dialer Script: Download Script

Refresh Letter: Click here to download

Fact Finding Talking Points: Download

Benefit Check-up: Click here for checkup page


LIS Job Aid: Click here to download

Medicare Part A, B & D Changes: Click here to download

FEMA disaster areas: Click here for list

CMS Natural Disaster SEP Press Release: Click here for details

The Veterans Choice Program: Click here to download

Enrollment Script MAPD Enrollment Script: [Click here]

Enrollment Script Part D Enrollment Script: [Click here]

2018 Enrollment Script: CLICK HERE

Broker Resource Page: CLICK HERE

NJ PAAD online Application:CLICK HERE

Click here to requests a new video topic:
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