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Global Premier Benefits can help you understand Medicare and how it can benefit you.

Toll Free: 877-864-9317

About Us

Global Premier Benefits was founded because we wanted to take care of people, and make sure they received the best quality of care possible. Our operation started small, like many other businesses, but quickly grew to include clients and agents in more than 16 states, including the District of Columbia.

Throughout the entire growth process, we remained loyal to our vision: provide expert education on benefits that are specifically geared to help Medicare beneficiaries. We believe that education not only answers questions, it provides people with confidence that leads to trust.

At Global Premier Benefits, the education we offer includes a comprehensive review of Medicare benefits and policies for senior citizens. As the insurance landscape continues to change, insurance education helps clients make informed choices. Our agents begin each relationship by providing financial consultation to a client. We identify federal or private programs that you may qualify for, and show you how to receive funds to pay for your health care.

The educational theme crosses over into how we care for our agents, because they take an active role in teaching and helping our clients. We instruct our agents on how to care for our clients, and how to best service them. While this approach may require more time on our side, it pays off with educated, successful agents who look out for the client first.

Bolstering our educational approach is the relationship we have built with major carriers in the industry. Over the course of more than a decade we have partnered with agencies that share our mission – making sure clients receive top-notch health insurance plans that enable them to live happy, healthy lives.

Global Premier Benefits wants to help our clients and agents achieve a better state of life – whether it is helping answer questions about Medicare Part C, or showing an agent how to counsel a client about health insurance plans. No matter how large we grow, the goal of everyone at Global Premier remains the same: educate everyone, so they can help anyone.

If you have questions about our services, or are interested in working for an agency that wants its agents to succeed and grow, contact us today at 877-864-9317 or email.