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Frequently Asked Questions




*Most of your concerns should be answered in the helpful video as part of Step 1.*


Oct 2021

Cigna Medicare Has recently changed its Contracting Procedures. They are now using a “Just In Time” procedure to expedite the process.


     What this means for you: In order to be appointed in a state to sell Cigna Medicare products, you must first submit a piece of business in that state after completing SuranceBay. Then your contracting begins for that state.


     Exceptions: These states are excluded from that rule and you must request an appointment in these states, as per the previous contracting method. Those states are:


1. Alabama          2. Oklahoma          3. Oregon          4. Pennsylvania          5. Washington



This process is similar to other carriers, like GTL and Medicare Supplements. It’s only new to Cigna Medicare this year.

Q: What is SuranceBay and How do I use it?


A: SuranceBay and SureLC can be explained as a 3rd party resource Global Premier Benefits uses to facilitate the Contracting Process with all the Insurance Carriers we do business with. The agents input their information and it is then processed internally at GPB before it is sent off to the carriers.



Q: Is Cigna Medicare the same as Cigna Life & Health?

A: NO – Cigna Medicare is a different entity than its Life and Health Insurance counterpart. Please ensure you are requesting the correct companies in SuranceBay.


Q: Why does it take so long to get contracted with Cigna Medicare?

A: They follow the same protocols as all the other Medicare Insurance Carriers. This includes internal processing, nationwide background checks, conferring with CMS, and issuing out market-specific trainings via email to you. Be sure to check your emails frequently throughout your contracting process.


Q: It’s been weeks and I haven’t heard anything; what’s going on?

A: Chances are you have an email from the carrier explaining your next steps. The majority of the time, your upline can see your status in our CRM system and can inform you of exactly that. Each carrier will send you the requirements to complete contracting. This varies between watching videos, completing brief exams to comply with regulations, and other similar tasks.




Please contact your upline with further questions.