Recruiting Bootcamp

Step 1: Recruiting Contracts

Make sure you connect with Kathy Holland to complete the necessary paperwork –

Step 2: Recruiting Videos

Learn how it’s done from the best in the business!

Adam King Presentation

John Wetmore Presentation

Jeremie Pielemeier Presentation

Jamal Muhammad Presentation

GPB Value Proposition

20th Annual Leadership Summit

Nuts & Bolts of Growing Your Agency 1

Nuts & Bolts of Growing Your Agency 2

Integrity CEO Bryan Adams

Step 3: Scripts & Talking Points

Explore all that GPB has to offer with the Value Proposition! PLUS familiarize yourself with a basic script to ensure you stay focused during your calls.

Step 4: Sample Ads for Job Postings

Build your Recruiting Funnel using these sample ads!

Step 5: Orphan Agent List

Jumpstart your Recruiting with these warm leads!

What are Orphan Agents?



In our 22+ years of service, Global Premier Benefits has partnered with thousands of independent agents across the country. Since their joining our organization, they have since parted ways amicably, but GPB still has their information on file and you can request a list of these agents for your market!



How do I request a list of Orphan Agents in my market?



Send your request to and we will discuss the specific details with you!

Step 6: Agent Database

This is the fastest way to begin Recruiting with all Licensed Agents in your market!

What is the GPB Agent Database?



The GPB Agent Database is essentially a list of every licensed insurance agent in the country! Using multiple demographics, we can market the GPB Value Proposition to a specific region or market.



How do I request a List of Agents for my market?



First things first: reach out to your upline manager to focus your efforts to earn the greatest results. Then, send your request to and we will discuss the specific details with you!

Contracting Tips

Here at Global Premier Benefits, we sell a multitude of products primarily in the senior Market. Among these products is the category of Final Expense (aka “Burial Insurance”). This is a tremendous tool in the sales process, but more importantly – an agent can gain a Final Expense contract within just a few day’s time and be Ready-to-Sell (“RTS status”) quickly!



This is our first recommendation for producers joining our organization at any level because most other contracts take a considerably longer amount of time to process with insurance carriers. So, while waiting for other contracts to fully process, an agent could be writing Final Expense business for weeks and building their client base.



Please visit the Contracting page of the GPB website for more details!

How to get your recruit to 10 sales!

Work with them & their upline



Unless you are their Sales Manager, your recruit has a Sales Manager who guides them to success. From sales training, to understanding the industry, and determining a successful marketing approach. As a recruiter, you should follow up with their upline to ensure the new recruit is receiving the support they need.



Constant follow up



Most recruits will need help at some point in the process, but won’t ask for it. You can ensure their success by becoming a resource for them to rely on at the beginning. Just like anything, getting started may be the hardest part.



Check the updated Sales Reports



Every week, GPB sends out sales reports to our downline agents. If you don’t see your recruit on the list, reach out to to request a specific report to include your recruit’s sales.



For additional information regarding a successful recruiting program, please Contact our Recruiting Department at

443-478-2853 or